Bobby's Boo Boos

Name: Bobby
Breed: West Highland Terrier
Age: 4 year old
Sex: Male


In August 2014, Bobby started having an assortment of skin problems that turned his skin black, made him lick constantly, lose his hair and produced a foul odor. After blood testing, the veterinarian prescribed steroids and anti-itch medications, and placed Bobby on a hydrolyzed, allergy diet. By December 2014, Bobby’s condition continued to deteriorate and another veterinarian recommended NutriScan. 


Bobby had food intolerances to beef, chicken, corn, milk, pork, venison, white fish, barley, peanut, potato and sweet potato.


Within a couple of weeks of receiving the results, Bobby’s skin had turned pink again, the terrible odor was gone, he stopped licking himself profusely and medications were eliminated.

Thank you so much for offering this type of testing. Bobby has been off all the drugs and you have saved us hundreds of dollars in vet bills. We have a very happy Bobby again! I can only hope other owners whose dogs have similar problems will look to this testing for their pet’s allergies/sensitivites. Our sincere thanks. 

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