Rosie Border Collie Mix

NutriScan Case Study: Rosie; Border Collie Mix

6 year spayed female, smooth-coated Border Collie mix


The clinical issues were intense itching on limbs and feet, dry cracked foot pads, and constant rubbing of her face, muzzle and around her eyes. Her caregiver ran the NutriScan the third week of November 2014.


NutriScan testing showed food reactions to venison, white fish, barley, lentils, oatmeal, potato, quinoa, rabbit, rice and salmon.


After removing the offending foods (her Mum is a chef), the itching and rubbing were subsiding three weeks later. By five weeks, the lesions on her face and limbs were fading and healing, and foot pads became soft again. A follow up visit 2 months later showed her to be happier, almost completely healed, and she’s tackling her environmental inhalant and contact allergies next.

Updated – March 23, 2015 Photos

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