Sponsor the Greys

Everything we do at Hemopet from consultation services to thyroid testing is aimed at fulfilling our mission to make transfusion medicine practical, safe and affordable. The biggest and most important piece of the puzzle is our blood donor greyhounds. When we take in the retired racers, we strive to meet our goals:

  • Provide a comfortable and healthy environment;
  • Give the greyhounds the best possible healthcare;
  • Give them plenty of exercise and ample social opportunities;
  • Transition them to their forever homes; and,
  • Most importantly love them while they are in our care.

As you can imagine, the costs associated with caring for 200 dogs are enormous. We have leashes, collars, blankets, toys, food — you name it — to provide. We started the Sponsor the Greys program specifically to help with these costs.

For a one-time Pawfect Level tax-deductible donation of $100.00, you will receive:

  • Monthly e-mail updates on how the greyhounds are doing at Hemopet
  • T-shirt
  • Certificate
  • Magnet
  • Photo of the Greyhounds

At the Greytful Level of $250.00, you will receive all of the above plus a painted brick memorial on Hemopet’s wall!

The VERY Greytful Level replaces the painted brick with a stepping stone outside the Hemopet facility to achieve the Hollywood Walk of Fame look!

Thank you so much! Or, as our greys would say, “Thank roooo so much!!”

Have Questions?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.